Concrete manholes at Ridge roundabout used as ‘sex homes’

Some concrete manholes at the Ridge roundabout in Accra, according to an eye witness, are being used by squatters to engage in sexual pleasures.

Joy FM’s Francisca Kakra Forson visited the area Monday morning to speak to some people around, on the habitation of squatters in those manholes.

Francisca said “One of them told me in an unpalatable language that there are a lot of sexual activities there in those manholes.”

The people spoken to claimed, about seven boys and girls have been using the place for a very long time.

She observed some tattered clothes hanging on a barbed wire, an old mattress, laid bricks, a mosquito spray and batteries.

Other items spotted included a tray, a photo of two women with the inscription – Ethiopia, brooms and some bottles.

To her, the place indeed, looked like a “perfect abode for the squatters,” having some of the items found in real homes.

People come from unknown areas in the metropolis to take their baths near an electricity transformer with human excreta and garbage seen scattered all over with houseflies hovering around them.

Below are separate reports by Francisca and Francis Abban

Francisca Kakra Forson
If you often drive pass the Ridge Roundabout, you would have noticed a number of concrete manholes within the grass by the pavement. Well, these manholes around a transformer there do not store water. They have been turned into homes by a group of about seven unidentified people.

Francis Abban
We have learnt these people are traders and food venders and this is the place they call home. They set off to do their business very early in the morning and return late in the night.

They draw unclean water from one of the manholes for drinking, bathing and cooking for sale.

According to one of the people Francis spoke to, he has made efforts to drive them out of the place but to no avail.

We also learn police officers did same but it was futile.

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