Terry Tha Rapman Tells Us Of His Retirment Plans

He definitely didn’t have the most successful career in rap music but just like every other career path, retirement must come.

T.R formerly known as Terry tha Rapman, also has plans for his retirement from the world of music when the time comes.

He disclosed some of these in a recent interview saying: “my retirement plan is to actually go into Nollywood. I’ve been writing and working on a couple of scripts. I’ve been getting the knack for writing scripts since a long time back and I really hope to go into acting soon. I’ve actually been learning under Charles Novia,”

In the words of the rapper, who has been in the game, while responding to questions on how much money he has made as a rapper: “Well, I’ve not made the kind of money I want to make, but I’ll say I’m comfortable even though I still want to make more money, I’m happy when I see people that started late after me and are doing well, it just goes to show that there’s hope, rap music is now a money making venture, and it’ll get better. I must confess, there were times I actually wanted to retire, because I felt I wasn’t relevant but every time I tried to do that, my fans always encourage me to release more songs and albums, and at the end of the day, I really owe out to my fans.”

In the past, T.R has featured in a couple of movies produced by Charles Novia, most recently acting a small role in the wave-making Alan Poza produced and directed by Novia.