Rita Dominic Pushes Yvonne Nelson Aside and Becomes New Face Of Zaron Cosmetics

In what might result to some bad blood between these two superstar actresses, Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic has replaced Ghollywood actress, Yvonne Nelson as the face of make up line, Zaron Cosmetics.

A reliable source revealed that the 39-year-old Dominic, was chosen because the company wants to fortify its presence in Nigeria which would not make strategic sense based on Nelson Ghanaian citizenship.

‘I think it is because the management has seen how strong the competition is here in Nigeria and  of course, every business person changes tactics regularly to favour them’, the source said, adding that Nigeria, aside being the firm’s place of birth, is as well its core market.

Just after a one-year deal with the former rep, Yvonne Nelson, I learned that the partnership with Yvonne didn’t favour the brand as expected in terms of brand positioning.

The real issue began when Nelson posted a picture of herself using a rival make up product while on a movie set in Nigeria and although she later deleted the picture, some of her fans who saw it questioned her status as an ambassador of Zaron Cosmestics.

Rather than address the issue, the Ghanaian actress and producer ignored the questions and deleted the comments from her Instagram page.

Also, based on the many tales of her romance with bleaching creams, which did not go down well with the make up line.

Dominic, who is seen as a more accomplished actress who is believed to possess a higher rating and potentials for the brand, resumes as the brand ambassador and is expected to feature in the TV commercials and other forms of publicity for the make-up line.