Prez Mahama Launches Mara Mentor To Support Young Entrepreneurs

The Government of Ghana, in collaboration with the Mara Group and Mara Foundation has launched a new online mentoring network called “Mara Mentor” to enable, empower and to inspire young entrepreneurs in Ghana.

The Mara Mentor is an on online community that connects ambitious entrepreneurs with successful and experienced business leaders and encourages idea and knowledge sharing among Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs, inspiring a collaborative approach to business start – up and growth.

The initiative which is an initiative from Mara Group and Mara Foundation has been created to empower Africa’s youth in their business endeavors, in recognition that they are the driving behind the continent’s growth and future prosperity.

Launching the initiative yesterday at the flag staff House in Accra, President John Mahama was grateful for the introduction of the initiative in Ghana since it will go a long way to transform young entrepreneurs in the country.

According to him Ghanaian youth are in dire need of mentorship to help them identify the opportunities around them for transformation into achievements and the initiative come at the right time.

He said Ghana is full of business opportunities and the youth must take advantage of it to make a difference.

The President stated that he decided to launch the Mara Mentor personally because the initiative corroborates Government effort to cultivate entrepreneurship among the youth in Ghana.

“Facilitating the growth ofentrepreneurship has long been a core focus for the government. We are pleased to build on the launch of the recent Youth Entrepreneurship Support Fund with the introduction of this fantastic mentoring platform”.

“An idea is only as good as its execution and I hope Ghanaian youth will take advantage of this mentorship platform to help them make use of the opportunities around them”.

AshishThakkar, Founder of Mara Group and Mara Foundation said the Mara Mentor is a tool that every entrepreneur need in their pocket to access guidance from real business expert.

According to him technology is the key to unlocking the potentials of entrepreneurs in the country.

“We are wanted to seize the opportunity presented by the proliferation of mobile phones on the continent to provide more young people with the expert advice that they need to launch and grow their business”.

He said young entrepreneurs can access the tool for free via smart phone app and website.

He stated that there are a lot of business opportunities in Africa and the youth need mentorship to make the difference.

He urged Ghanaian youth to take advantage of the opportunities around them to be the leaders of today not tomorrow.

Mara Foundation is Mara Group’s social enterprise that focuses on emerging African entrepreneurs. It works to create sustainable economic and business development opportunities for young business owners through various initiatives.

Mara Foundation was launched in 2009 by Ashish J. Thakkar, Founder of Mara Group. Since its inception, the Foundation has scaled its programmatic focus and is now active in a number of countries across Africa.

In 2014, the Foundation continues its strategic growth in Sub-Saharan African countries while simultaneously expanding to other global countries worldwide. Mara Foundation is seed funded and is currently supported by Mara Group.

Mara Foundation’s mission is to provide comprehensive support services including mentorship, funding and business training facilities to African entrepreneurs.

Mara Foundation believes that these support services will play a crucial role in transforming business ideas into reality. These businesses will, in turn, create jobs for other Africans and help build an SME sector that can genuinely contribute to the development of both the local and pan-African economies.

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