Don’t Run Away, Harvest What You Planted

No reasonable person will start a fight that he knows he cannot finish. When you call for troubles into your own house, you taste it first. If you fail to reason with your people, you suffer public shame and disgrace.

These are words used by almost every group leader in the NPP in the Ashanti region soon after the special delegate elections in August 31st.

If such a poor performance of Mr. John Alan Kyeremanteng in an election which saw him less than 8% out of the total vote cast does not make him awake from his own slumber and self-delusion but to continue to delude himself of his ‘magic floating voters, then he must be questioned of his real motive of contesting this race. ‘When the gods want to kill you, they first make you go mad’…an African proverb.

This was said at the special meeting of leadership of the Identifiable Groups in the NPP in the Ashanti held at the regional party office on the 2nd September, 2014. “Alan should not stop, he must eat his cooked yam” – Hon. Kwame Asamoah Boateng
The meeting was called by the chairman of the identifiable groups of about 117 different groups in the Ashanti region, Hon. Kwame Asamoah Boateng, former DCE of Amansie Central in the then NPP government.

The meeting was called to thank the various groups for their contributions during the limited voters’ registrations and also their untainted support for Nana Akufo-Addo for his resounding victory in the special delegate elections. Among the groups were STUNNAD (Students Network for Nana Addo), NPP Scoreboard-Tafo, NPP Famous Group- Adum, Nafop, Free Education Prayer Group, Vibrant Ladies, The Three Northern Regions Supporters, Winners’ Ladies Npp Fun Club, National Volunteers for NPP, NPP Osono mma Kuo, Danquah Busia Fun club, and others.

Leadership of the groups were asked to unite and work together with the polling station executives who would be voting in the coming primaries to ensure 90% victory for Nana Addo. “We should make it know to the public that we are solidly united for Nana Addo. There is no division or conflict in our party.

It is only about 59 people who do not like the current direction of the unity” said, Hon. Kwame Asamoah Boateng. The group leaders were encouraged to work hard for the party. The group leaders however requested to meet Nana Addo in Kumasi before the October 18th election.