Microsoft’s Lumia 930 Targets CEOs

The Nokia Lumia 930, which was recently launched onto the Ghanaian market by Microsoft, leads the pack when it comes to presenting users with the latest features that make it easier to work away from the office.

Since it runs on a 2.2GHz Quadcore Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, users of the Lumia 930 are bound to enjoy a superfast experience in addition to having a readily-available power source with the phone’s in-built wireless charging system.

This undoubtedly makes Lumia 930 the ideal phone for the smart corporate executive.

As always, Microsoft remains generous when it comes to pre-installed apps, featuring the HERE Drive+, HERE Maps and HERE Transit, which draw on Nokia’s strong mapping and navigation heritage.

Besides the fact that the Windows Phone 8.1 on which the Lumia 930 runs makes the phone faster and gives users the ability to multitask with apps, the Lumia 930 has an added incentive for corporate executives and the working class – the OneDrive.

OneDrive is a cloud storage feature for all documents and photos. Users of the Lumia 930 have 15GB of free storage in the cloud to store their documents.

Users can thus assess, share or restore documents or photos when needed. One can also set up OneDrive to back up documents automatically, making it possible for documents or photos taken to be stored to one’s cloud album.

For the corporate executive whose duties and tasks mean that he/she would have to move around all the time, the Office hub on OneDrive presents the perfect place to store files and documents and work on them whilst on the move. In effect, documents can be synced across one’s Windows Phone, Personal Computers (PCs), Tablets and XBox devices.

OneDrive users can, for instance, upload documents from their PCs to their OneDrive accounts and have them available on their notebooks within minutes.

There is absolutely no need to assess such documents on both devices using USB cable for instance.

Microsoft’s new integration strategy means that customers are able to access information that is relevant to you at all times.

The OneDrive makes all this possible.

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