Ebola alert: Legon students claim there are no forms to fill online

University of Ghana students who are reporting to school Friday claim no forms have been uploaded online for them to fill, as part of surveillance measures by authorities to detect suspected Ebola persons.

Some of the students told Joy News’ Beatrice Adu they only heard in the news that such a measure had been put in place.

But when they came on campus this morning and visited the school’s website, they could not locate the said forms.

Tertiary institutions in the country have been tasked by the Inter-ministerial Committee on Ebola to meet health requirements regarding the deadly disease, through which students would be protected.

Beatrice reported that management of the institute was meeting to possibly address the issue.

The UG’s Pro-Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Gyapong, who is in-charge of Research, Innovation and Development mentioned to Joy News Thursday evening that the university had developed an electronic risk assessment questionnaire to be used as part of the students’ registration process.

It is aimed at gathering information on potential carriers of the dreaded Ebola virus. Most of the foreign students are coming from Ebola hit countries like Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

Prof. Gyapong continued that the registration process would be captured directly to a database and so any potential carrier of the disease would easily be identified.

But the students mentioned they could not locate the forms online.

Some Sierra Leonean and Guinean nationals entering Ghana through the Burkina Faso border were turned away this week for failing to produce health certificates covering Ebola screening.

Three thousand cases and 1,500 deaths have been reported in five West African countries – Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria and Senegal.

The World Health Organization has predicted there would be 20,000 more cases in the next six months before it is brought under control.

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