Boko Haram: Ihejirika’s Accusers Playing Dirty Politics, Says Ndigbo Lagos

azubuike ihejirikaA socio-political group, Ndigbo Lagos, has faulted the recent attempt by a Federal Government contracted Australian negotiator, Dr. Stephen Davis, to link the former Chief of Army Staff, Lt-Gen. Azubuike Ihejirika (retd), to the sponsorship of the Boko Haram sect.

In a press release, the group described the allegation as frivolous and a defamation of Ihejirika’s character. It said Davis did not deduce or suggest any piece of evidence to support his accusation and warned against tarnishing the former army chief’s reputation.

The statement read in part: “The apparently procured and orchestrated interview on Arise Television, where Ihejirika was alleged to be a sponsor of Boko Haram is in bad taste. Given the lack of evidence, the nature of delivery of the allegation and the character of the accused General, we believe that Ihejirika’s traducers are playing dirty politics.

“General Ihejirika will be remembered for being one of the most outstanding commanders Nigeria has had. He is not only an accomplished tactician but also a strategic leader of a fighting force. In his time, he not only decimated the fighting capability of Boko Haram, but also built enduring military institutions to permanently checkmate insurgency in Nigeria.

“When Ihejirika retired from the army, the same self-centered northern bigots wanted him tried by the World Court for being ‘overzealous’ in crushing Boko Haram. Eight months down the road, he is accused of being a sponsor.

“We, therefore, call on the Federal Government to institute a high powered enquiry to address this obnoxious allegation and lay it to rest”, the statement said.