See The Intention Behind Solidstar’s Tweet


As a guy, we all know how we try to appear like the perfect gentleman when trying to impress a girl, Solidstar was no different.

Solidstar sent out a tweet and subsequently shared a photo, however, the star singer didn’t not know that my sharp eyes would figure out he definitely had a woman over in his hotel room.

The singer came online and tweeted, Be with a guy who ruins your lipstick. Not your mascara, apparently to impress the girl, who would obviously with and definitely following him on Twitter.

I took another close look at the picture, and GBAM……Solidstar had a girl in the room, can you see her sandals??? Hehe……

For those who would say how is this news, well it will interest you to know that, musicians are fond of forming that, they are always alone in their hotel rooms or with male friends whenever they go for shows until they are busted.

They come online to say ‘Hanging with my guys’ and so on……..guys koh, guys ni!