Over 10,000 Drivers License trapped as DVLA printing equipment breaks down

Breakdown of printing equipment at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority has left some drivers frustrated over the authority’s failure to issue them with license cards.

For some months now, persons who visit the DVLA’s offices in Accra and Tema to get new cards or renew expired ones have been left disappointed. They are only issued temporary licenses, printed on sheets of paper.

Joy News’ Joseph Opoku Gakpo who was at the Tema office of the DVLA reported that a lot of people had come to collect their driver’s license. But most of them left disappointed.

For security reasons, the printing of cards is centralized at the DVLA’s head office. Since February, the Tema office has not received any new cards, and the Accra office since May.

They used to have 8 printing equipment, they have broken down, only two are functioning now, hence the problem. Officials at the Tema office told Opoku Gapko that they have the submitted data of more than 10,000 persons who have come to get their ID cards, which are in backlog.

 Infact, since February, the Tema office has not received any cards from headquarters to distribute to their customers. They have written a lot of reports to the head office complaining about that but to no avail.

In Accra, the DVLA Boss, Noah Martey said the cards have been in backlog since May. He also attributed the situation to networking problems, and the equipment breakdown.

Meanwhile, the paper issued to a driver cleared to receive a fresh license or have his old license renewed has a life span of three months, after which his license in the form of an identity card is issued. But these drivers complain they have been using the temporal cards for about one year.

Some of them told Joy News, they usually have problems with the police arresting them for using the temporal ID cards. Because the police don’t understand why it has been extended, they explained. Others say they want to use the card for other documentation processes, because it is supposed to be an ID card, but without the permanent one, you can’t use it because it is just on a sheet of paper.

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