Izwe Loans launches i-vest; a high yielding investment product

Investment generally is done by people or clients to secure some futuristic needs, this is done in the form of securing the future against unforeseen circumstances.

In Ghana, many financial institutions offer different investment products and packages to their numerous clients in helping them realize this objective, a fundamental question that needs to be asked is whether these investment products are giving maximum returns on customers’ investments to keep the value of money.

i-vest – the latest on the block has been carefully designed and packaged to target both the formal and informal sectors of the economy i.e. demystifying the notion that investment products are the preserve of the selected few in our society.

i-vest by its make-up is a high-yielding investment product designed, managed and offered by Izwe Loans Ltd, with the client at the centre of the development process; i-vest offers our Cherished Clients the opportunity to get maximum returns on amounts invested with us.

With a barest minimum of GHS 500 and no additional cost involved, one can place an investment with Izwe. Our clients are given the opportunity to invest their funds for varied and flexible periods of  3, 6 and 12 months with no hustle.

The unique selling proposition of i-vest is the ‘interest rates’ – We certainly excite our clients with this, our rates range from as high as 27% for amounts of GHS 500. Customers who have higher amounts get the opportunity to negotiate more attractive rates.

One key component we need to highlight is the safety and security of client funds. Izwe being a Finance House, is heavily regulated and controlled by the central bank, hence clients are assured beyond every shred of doubt that their investments are safely secured and trusted with us.

i-vest has arrived and surely it will address all investments needs of clients, i-vest – Secured Investments for Maximum Returns

Izwe Loans Limited is part of the Izwe group, a South African registered Finance Company. Izwe Loans Limited began operations on 1 July 2011 in Ghana, the company focuses on distributing payroll based loans to government workers and the Ghana Police. Izwe Loans has 7 branches located in 5 regions of Ghana.  The company is currently serving over 35,000 customers and has a loan book of GHS 90 million. 

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