IT Can Help Reduce The Spread Of The Ebola Virus In Africa—Alhaji Seidu Habeeb

C.E.O of I.T Foundation Ghana, Alhaji Seidu Habeeb made a reputable statement in an interview with KleefPhamily Media (K.P.M) on the 1st of September, 2014 saying; I feels very guilty when going through newspapers now a days because the news in it reads Ebola death cases and how deadly the Ebola virus is. Looking at the good side of a man’s heart,Alhaji Seidu Habeeb is ready to help Africa especially the western part to fight a great battle.

He added to his opinion saying, Information Technology (I.T) can help reduced the rate of the spread of the Ebola virus through a new quarantine service he introduced to be the ‘’T1’’ quarantine service.

He described the Tech-One (T1) quarantine service in a logical concept by fusing an innovative word ‘’Tech’’and the number 1; meaning ‘’technology in one’’. He further explain why this whole concept by pin-pointing on the treatment of Ebola patience. Quarantine he says; is not well utilized by these patience and health personnel in the affected countries due to a visual evidence on televisionon CNN which reads the attack of a clinic in Monrovia, Sera Leone.

Tech One (T.1) is a new form of health service for the Ebola patients which succeeds the quarantine service. Here, every room needs to contain an individual with all the necessary equipment to make the Ebola patient survive. He further cautioned doctors to use this method and shouldn’t keep more than two people in a room. This method of quarantine will help reduced the rate at which the virus spreads.

Each Tech One (T.1) room should have necessary equipment, telephone or an alarm push button to alert any form of patient discomfort which is very important; these are provided to isolate those infected with the virus from healthy humans. The doctor or nurse shouldn’t visit the room most at times for treatment; this could be dangerous. This sickness deals with total isolation and great service.

In continuation, Alhaji Seidu Habeebin his religious faith described Africa to be the most promising continent the almighty Allah has blessed. He also included that all great men from our great prophet Mohammed and Jesus’s generationoriginated from Africa; so why then should we be shallow thinkers and can’t stand on our feet to fight so called ‘’Ebola virus’’.

He also urges Africans to upgrade their sight and should be ready to accept change. Technology we all witness today has made great impact in our life, negatively and positively. The positive side has transformed us from 3rd class humans to 1st class, so why can’t we upgrade everyday and accept new methods with good back-up and result.

Tech-One Quarantine service (Total isolation) gives Africa the remedy to help reduce the spread of the Ebola virus he concludes.

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