Even parents need branding

The importance of branding should not be lost on anybody or confined to companies because as a marine engineer has explained, even parents need branding.

Sylvester Phish explained to the Joy FM’s Super Morning Show last Tuesday, branding “moves beyond companies, it is for everyone, fathers, mothers”.

The top 50 most valuable business brands in Ghana for their extraordinary performances in brand positioning are expected to be honoured in Ghana.

Over 1,500 brands vied for the prestigious honour of being amongst the Top 50 recognisable and respected brands in the country.

Hammering on what it means to be brand, Phish defined it a “promise of an experience” and  “a representation of values” meant to establish an emotional connection with the client.

He debunked the perception that branding is an expensive enterprise – a fear that forces small business to belittle its importance.

“To start something doesn’t mean starting inferior. it has to do with attitude  from the initial process. what kind of belief do you have about your service. if you are starting a bakery with  50 loafs of bread, does that mean you should compromise packaging? does that mean you should just give out any kind of call card? or talk anyhow because you are small?”

His advice to companies and businesses is that they should  be careful not to ignore the importance of fulfilling  the expectations promised by their brands just because they want to make quick money.

This is because “money is not in people’s pockets; it is in their heads”.

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