Even International Record Labels Pay Payola – DJ Yellow-Man

Veteran radio DJ, DY Yellow Man of Peace FM, has added his voice to the debate going round that, payola discourages underground musicians from promoting their music, saying; ‘promotion of music is not about payola but recording a good music.’

DJ Yellow Man who has been in the business for over 14 years, said that every good DJ want to play a good song. He therefore suggested that any artist who has a good music should try and build a good relationship and not be discouraged by fears of payola.

As an experienced DJ and a producer – produces Abeiku Santana on Okay FM and also DJ and produces Paa Kwesi Mizpah on Neat FM, he hinted that “all the top ranking musicians don’t pay payola. It’s only people who don’t do good music who fears paying payola. If you have a good music, payola will not scare you.”

Remarking on the recent comment made by Shatta Wale’s manager, Bull Dog, that anyone who pays a DJ or a presenter payola is a fool, Yellow Man said that he doesn’t agree with Bull Dog because “even abroad, international record labels pay payola.”

“We have two different things, one is you the DJ demanding for the money before going on air to play the song and the other is the artist appreciating you for a good job done, or for playing his music. If an artist appreciates a DJ for a job done, it doesn’t mean the artist is a fool” DJ Yellow man explained.

Talking about his career as a DJ, he said that 14 years in the business has been very challenging but sometimes one has to focus on what he or she is doing.

He stated that 14 years now, he’s very comfortable with being with Peace FM and will not be troubled being with the station forever, because, the relationship between him and the station, especially his boss, Father Dickson, has been very great and welcoming.

He advised young upcoming DJs to focus on the job and not put money before them. “You have to love what you are doing. You don’t have to do it because someone is doing it and it attracts you, or because of the material things” he advised.

DJ Yellow Man, also known in real life as, James Kotey Neequaye, said that he got his name DJ Yellow Man during his school days when people called him as such and later, stuck with him till date.

Giving account of his school days, he said that he wanted to play band those days, but it didn’t work out so he started playing as a mobile DJ; where he played for some few groups like , Amazing Sounds, Grove Sounds, Classic Sounds, and others before entering into radio.