Road crashes claim 1,200 lives between January and August

About 1,200 people have died from road crashes between January and August 2014, with about 6,000 recorded injuries within the same period.

These road accidents have been mostly blamed on driver carelessness and indiscipline on the roads.

Speaking on Adom FMs ‘Dwaso Nsem’, Officer-in-charge of Education, Research and Training at the Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate of the Police Service, DSP Alexander Obeng says unnecessary overtaking and speeding have been the main contributing factor to the accidents.

According to DSP Obeng, the increasing number of road accidents is also partly due to drivers’ failure to heed to continuous advise given to them by the police service adding that, the accidents should be “blamed on nothing but the drivers”.

He said the accidents can be prevented if drivers, passengers and pedestrians take the necessary precautions whhile on the road.

In addressing the favoritism character portrayed by police officers at various check points, DSP Obeng said it is inappropriate for officers to discriminate among road users no matter what their profession or social standing is, adding that, the law is no respecter of persons therefore those who flout road regulations should be dealt with.

“We don’t expect any police officer to be unfair in executing their duties. They must be fair”.

He said police officers who have been found breaching road traffic regulations have been arraigned before court and punished so no one is exempted if they go against the law.

DSP Obeng said vehicle importers, owners and drivers must ensure that their vehicles are in good shape before they are used.

He advised the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) must ensure that both vehicles and their drivers meet all the required standards before licenses are issued.

He cautioned drivers to stay away from operating their vehicles when they are in a bad shape because no driver will be spared if caught going against any of the traffic regulations.

Wearing of seat belts he said, will also help in preventing these road accidents and therefore, drivers must ensure they wear seat belts at all times while encouraging passengers to do same.

He said the Police Service will not relent in its effort to punish road users especially drivers who flout road traffic regulations.

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