Okuapeman Bans Noise-Making

Nana Kwame Afari Bampoe II, the Banmuhene of Akwapim, has performed rituals to ban noise-making in Akwapim for 40 days to herald the annual Odwira Festival of the chiefs and people.

During a ceremony at the Akropong Palace, the Banmuhene said it was an offence to tune speakers of sound systems or radio high in Akropong during the season.

He warned against the eating of new yam before the Odwira festival and cautioned drivers not to transport new yams through Akropong.

‘I want to warn that we forbid the eating of new yam during this season. Anyone caught eating new yam or even transporting it through Akropong whether in a car or by foot would be in conflict with our customs and you would not be spared.’

He said the traditional authority would not countenance promiscuity and indiscipline among young people and urged them to be of good behaviour.

Cholera, he said, has never claimed the life of anybody in Akuapim and called on the people to prioritise the cleaning of their environment.

He noted that recalcitrant persons, who break the rules during the period, would be dealt with according to the tenets of the traditions and customs of Akwapim.

The Banmuhene later called on both foreign and domestic tourists, who travel there to witness the Odwira festival to do so with clear intention.

People who may be coming because of promiscuity and pilfering are not welcome, as Okwuapeman is ready to deal with all persons who would exhibit any of these behaviours, he said.

He stressed that teenagers who would be caught loitering in the night would have themselves to blame.

The Banmuhene bemoaned the poor academic performance of the students and entreated them to take their studies seriously so that Okuapeman would reclaim its glory.

He was unhappy with the naming of a street in Akropong as ‘Obosam gyam.’

Nana Kwame Afari Bampoe II said the name was a disgrace to Akropong, one of the first settlements of Christian missionaries and educationists in Ghana.

He called on drinking spot operators and churches to adhere to the rules or face the consequences.

‘We are not saying do not hold church services or pray, all we ask of you is to limit your noise-making. Your commitment to God is seen by him through your heart and not how loud you can shout,’ he said.

From Rocklyn Antonio, Akropong

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