Man drowns hours after paying wife’s dowry

A man believed to be in early thirties drowned in the River Sisili when strong currents swept him and another away while they were trying to cross the river on a motorbike.

The rider survived after managing to cling onto a tree stump in the river.

But Hillary Nkachine could not make it out of the furious waters, an eyewitness Nurudeen Neke told

The deceased and his friend left their village, Suke, to Jefisi in the Lambusie District of the Upper West Region, where he paid the dowry of his wife to be.

Returning home, the two bikers found out that the water level of the River Sisili had increased.

To measure the depth of the water and find out whether they could, Nkachine’s friend took the risk and crossed the river at Zini.

He returned to assure the deceased that they could cross safely, but that was not to be.

Nurudeen Neke said in the middle of the river, the currents overpowered the bikers and swept them away.

One of them managed to cling onto a tree stump and later swam to safety, but Nkachine, driver with one of the health facilities in the district, disappeared, the eyewitness said.

According to him, locals present were too frightened to make rescue attempts.

The body of the deceased was discovered after the waters subsided.

It has been conveyed to the village of Suke for burial.

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