Nigerians Must Refrain From Ghanaian Politics—Igbo King In Ghana Warns

In an effort to promote good behaviour, peace and sanity among all Nigerians in diaspora, His Royal Highness Dr. Chukwudi Ihenetu, Eze Indigbo in Ghana has entreated fellow Nigerians in Ghana and beyond to exhibit high sense of respect and conformity where ever they find themselves off the shores of Nigeria in order to send good message back home.

Particularly in the case of Nigerians in Ghana, HRH Dr. Ihenetu opined that very soon the Ghanaian political season will arrive for Ghanaians to elect their preferred political party flag bearers and eventually a president for the country. In this light he forbids any Nigerian for that matter to engage themselves whatsoever in any of such exercises. He has also cautioned that no Nigerian should be mentioned to have engaged themselves with any strike action in Ghana, nor should they be involved in public riots and gang thievery as such news has for some time tarnished the image of Nigerians in the diaspora. He said such news should end.

He spoke in an exclusive interview with after he had officially conferred chieftaincy tittles unto Madam Laverne Adekunle and Dr. Sharron Parrish both from United Kingdom. After the coronationtion of the two, they both assumed stool names respectively with Madam Laverne Adekunle now officially referred as Ada Di Ora Nma (meaning Worthy Daughter) and Dr. Sharron Parrish as Nne Umu Ogbenyen (meaning Mother of the Motherless).

According to HRH Dr. Ihenetu, the two (now chiefs), were crowned Igbo chiefs in order to protect and promote the rich traditional culture of the Igbo people from Nigeria in the diaspora. He maintains that the ceremony was highly considered and respected by both Nigerians in diaspora and back home and must be accorded that reverend by all. The occassion was witnessed by a multitude of Nigerians and some number of Ghanaians.

In addition to the afore, His Royal Highness Igwe Chuma Raymond Okadigbo (King of the Mountains) commended Ghanaians for their warm hospitality and love for Nigerians and other foreign nationals in Ghana. He emphasized “it is true, in Ghana there is freedom and justice – Nigerians are not complaining of any ill-treatment in Ghana and so they are free”.

However, he was quick to add that the perception that all Nigerians are crook and must be monitored at all times is wrong and must be avoided. He believes Nigerians are good people and must be seen as such yet where some few choose to stray from the larger good, they do not deserve to be considered Nigerians.

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