National Service Scheme Postings For 2014/ 2015 Released

The Board and Management of the Ghana National Service Scheme has released to the General public of the deployment of National Service persons for the 2014/2015 service year.

At a press conference in Accra, Executive Director of the NSS, Alhaji Alhassan Imoro, disclosed that this year’s release was one important event on the scheme’s annual calendar.

He said the education sector over the years has been the major beneficiary of the national service personnel deployment. Therefore the scheme is committed to the continuous support of the education sector to improve the quality of teaching and learning at all levels of education for quality education delivery outcomes in the country.

To support the education sector, he said the scheme for the 2014/2015 service year has deployed a total of 36,825 service personnel to the education sector. This, he said, included 3,157 service personnel deployed to the tertiary education level to support the Training Institutions in faculty work, research and administration.

Alhaji Imoro said the health sector remains a key area where service personnel have made immense contribution over the year. To this effort the scheme has deployed 2,685 NSP to support health delivery in hospitals, clinics, immunization centers and National health insurance scheme.

The sector has attracted 4. % of the total posting. The caliber of personnel includes Pharmacists, doctor of Optometry, Nurses, laboratory and Dispensary Technicians, including personnel with accounting, psychology and social work backgrounds.

He said the private sector has attracted 10,427 service personnel representing 13.2% of total service deployment as against 10,427 representing 13.2% of total posting for last year 2013 to 2014.

Alhaji Imoro stressed on key deployment areas to the private sector are Mining and Quarrying, Commerce, Banking, Telecommunications, Energy, |Hospitality and many others social service providers.

He said the scheme has intensified its collaboration with various institutions and organizations in industry to train the service personnel who are posted to them. He added that this will help personnel to develop further skills and be opened to new opportunities that can enhance the personnel employability hence reducing the graduate unemployment.

Another deployed area he touched on is the public service institution where the scheme has scaled up deployment of personnel to support public service institutions for the 2014 to 2015 service year.

He said personnel are deployed to support district Assemblies especially the rural ones, Municipal and Metropolitan Assemblies to carry out their development programmes. Personnel are also allocated to other sector ministries and Agencies such as Agriculture, Environment, Energy, Communication, Trade, Statistical service and many others to support them carry out their programmes.

This sector he said has attracted 18,383 service personnel constituting 44.8% of the total deployment.

Alhaji Imoro said the scheme has specifically deployed personnel with planning and surveying backgrounds to all the MMDA’s and District Assemblies to support their service programmes.He said support will be given to the District Planning units to collect data which is very important for carrying out planning activities of the Assemblies.

According to the regional distribution Greater Accra recorded a total of 22824, followed by Ashanti Region total of 13537, Brong Ahafo 5993, Eastern Region 5611, Northern Region 5256, Central Region 4615, western Region 4590, Volta Region 3837, upper West Region 2662 and upper east 2264.

He therefore touched on Agricultural projects as the main focus of the scheme especially this year 2014 to 2015.The scheme is in collaboration with the ministry of fisheries and Aqua Culture Development, to expand its Aqua culture projects in Greater Accra and Eastern Regions.

He mentioned that impersonations and fraudulent activities and increasing number of the graduates in Tertiary institutions turn out every year which remained a challenge to the scheme over the years.

Board Chairman of NSS, Mrs., Gifty Mahama Biyira said it is the mandate of the board in this direction to spelt out in the Act 426 section 3 (1), that is to deploy young Ghanaian graduate into government’s priority areas such as agriculture, education, health, Local government, Military , C-operatives and any other areas that the board may deem necessary.

She therefore call on service persons, parents and guardians to see the posting as a call to national duty, a call to offer selfless sacrifices to mother Ghana, and make good use of the opportunities that would be made available to them in the various places of work.

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