Dr. Agbeve Advises Government On Ebola

Dr. Alhaji Mohammed Agbeve

Dr. Alhaji Mohammed Agbeve

The Senior Doctor of Agbeve Herbal Center, Dr. Mohammmed Agbeve, has called on government to intensify the Ebola campaign to ensure that every Ghanaian is adequately informed about the epidemic.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with this reporter, the Herbal Medicine Practitioner called on the ministry of health to embark on an effective campaign, using every available medium to educate Ghanaians on how to protect themselves and also caution them on the

According to him, although so much noise has already been made through the various electronic and social media platforms, there still remain a huge knowledge deficit regarding the disease and it is better that is tackled as soon as possible.

He said, “the rush for sanitizers, is an indication of how ill informed Ghanaians are, about the disease”

“Although sanitizers help in keeping people hygienic and close to 100% bacterial-free, it does not kill virus and the last time I checked, Ebola is a virus,” he added

He revealed that the misconception that sanitizers kill the Ebola virus will instigate people to rely on sanitizers, living without caution and expose themselves to danger.

He advised the ministry to provide an intensive training for health workers on not just diagnostic procedure, but also how to protect themselves when treating patients without taking chances.

“In almost all the countries where this disease has been recorded, health workers have not been left out”.

“Though we have yet record any case of Ebola across the country, and I pray we never do, we need to equip ourselves with adequate information on this deadly disease and also work around the clock to ensure that carriers from other country do not find their way here through our already porous entry points”.

He called on Ghanaians to remain calm, apply the preventive measures and live their lives without panic

He concluded by calling on the various MMDs, Educational and Religious bodies to lead the campaign.

Dr. Alhaji Mohammed Agbeve is the owner of Agbeve Herbal Hospital, Ghana’s very first ultra modern herbal hospital. The hospital amongst other things are specialist in hypertension and stroke treatments.

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