Alan Is Our HOPE For 2016; As Ashanti Polling Station Officers Cry Out

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media,

On Sunday, 31st August 2014, the Super Delegates congress successfully selected five persons, who are ready to lead our dear party into the 2016 elections. We are grateful to the elite of our party and urge members of our dear party to see this phase as just a vetting process for the October 18th Congress.

It is interesting to note that, several arguments from some so called Party bigwigs have suggested that Alan and some others must step down for Nana Addo to go unopposed because the college gave him a certain 81%. We find this argument untenable, which defeats the spirit of our expanded electoral college. How can 0.56% of the constitutionally mandated body impose on us a candidate? We shall resist any clandestine attempt to disenfranchise we the over 99% kingmakers of our party.

The level of intimidation that characterized the Sunday elections, where basic electoral guidelines were grossly flouted cannot be seen as the voice of the Party.

Many of us gathered here are polling station officers, who strongly believe that the NPP needs to chart a new course and select the leader that Ghanaians have always yearned for.

We are by this statement urging Mr. Alan Kyerematen not to step down from the October 18th after successfully securing the second position. We believe he represents the Hope of the NPP after two-failed attempt to win elections in Ghana. Ghanaians will be heavily disappointed if Alan Kyerematen does not lead the NPP into 2016 elections.

As officers of the party at the grassroots level, we gladly accept his proposals that seek to strengthen the party, especially we the polling station executives. Alan Kyerematen understands our language and the level dejection we have faced in the party.

Alan Kyerematen never promised to secure 95% in the super delegate so why ask him to step down?

Alan Kyerematen never created an impression of a 100% endorsement from around the world so why ask him to step down?

We, as polling station officers of the party, have resolved to fully back his bid to be the flagbearer of the NPP into the 2016 elections because we believe he is the chosen one to take our party to the promise land.

NPP cannot afford another 4 years in Opposition and it is incumbent on us as grassroots members of the party to go for POWER Man Alan K.

We want Political Power; Give us Alan for victory in 2016.


Committee For The Advancement Of Democracy

Michael Asante –Coordinator, 0266772122
Evans Owusu Ansah- Spokesperson 0507477124
Jackson Adu, Secretary- 0201990790

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