Security Threat: 71% Of Ghanaians Ready To Leave Home

An exclusive Poll conducted by Poll Afrique for Choice FM has revealed that 71% of Ghanaians are ready to seek greener pastures elsewhere. The poll which was commissioned by Choice FM to get a clearer picture on how the price hikes in energy, fuel, transport and the Cedi slide were having on the average Ghanaian.

The poll has painted a bleak picture of Ghanaians trying to survive under a yoke of price increase in all areas of the economy. From the markets to the Malls prices have skyrocketed and are causing great distress for many Ghanaians especially the poor at the bottom and the middle classes.

The survey also highlighted the enormous sacrifice Ghanaians are making with over 50% of their income going toward the bare essentials. It has demonstrated what the market women and other businesses are telling us that people are not spending much on other things … besides the basics.

The poll has illustrated that the government needs to stabilise the economy, stop the cedi decline and put people back to work. While ministers and government officials are claiming that they are doing their best to revive the economy Ghanaians are voting with their feet by looking for opportunities abroad.

Ghana is either losing or stand to lose many of its young brightest and talented nationals to countries whose economies are faring better. The survey sample size was 1500 with over 1300 responders to the questionnaire.

Samuel Dzidzormu CEO of Poll Afrique says “the poll has demonstrated the economic whirlpool that is taking Ghanaians around in a circle with no end in sight.”

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