Ghana needs wise men to rule- Presby Moderator

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev Emmanuel Martey says the country needs wise men to rule in order to save the nation from its current economic challenges.

He said people entrusted with leadership have lost the wisdom of God and are working according to the deeds and thinking of men.

Rev, Martey noted that for the ordinary citizen to be denied one square meal a day means the country’s leadership is non-existent or bad.

Rt. Rev Prof Emmanuel Martey explains leadership of the country will not fight corruption and under-development because they benefit from it.

Speaking at the Foundation stone and dedication of a Church building for the Kwadaso Trinity Congregation in Kumasi, Rev Martey queried why the country in its over fifty years of existence still lacks a national development blue print.

“We need to be told as true the biblical cliche that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. We need wisdom to rule this country,” he said.

Where are the wise men he shouted at the congregation most of whom poured out in laughter.

“If we do not take care our action may rather go to promote the  Godlessness of other nations and world leaders to our own interest.

“We will promote their devilish agenda,” he said.

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