Faecal matter forces children out of school

Leaking waste sewage system at Agbogbloshie Galloway has forced pupils of the Acquaye School out of their classrooms.

Faecal matter from the broken underground tank flows through open gutters in the area.

Traders and squatters say the development has accounted for the increasing cholera cases in that community, which is affecting both children and adults.

Human excreta from all public toilets in the community are channeled into the reservoir.

And the stench emanating from the reservoir is causing great inconvenience to passersby, traders and squatters who have no option but to cover their nose before crossing over to their destination.

“This place stinks. The AMA has to pump out the toilet and cover it. How can we clean this manhole. They have to use a machine to drain the content. AMA has to fix it urgently,” the people demanded.

They said: “We are suffering. We inhale this toxic gas every day. The situation has compelled the children at a nearby school to stay out of school. They are not attending any extra classes. All the children in this community are sick of cholera.”

The traders complain several SOS calls to the AMA to fix the toilet have yielded no results, expressing fear an epidemic looms if help does not come quickly.

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