Boko Haram: Nigerian Military Set To Reclaim Northern Borno

Military sources in Maiduguri, yesterday, said that the aerial surveillance in northern Borno was part of the military operations to reclaim the border town with Cameroon, reports Vanguard.

The military source was, however, unable to give details of the ongoing military operations launched, yesterday.

Confirming the continuous presence of insurgents, a security source in Maiduguri yesterday said that after killing 27 terror suspects in last Monday’s attack, those that survived retreated into the town to join those who were hiding among residents.

“This was why, it could take some time to reclaim this town, as the insurgents had been adopting guerrilla warfare by living among residents to prevent being hit by the military,” said the source, yesterday.

Meanwhile, there were indications in Abuja weekend that the latest of the set of fighter aircraft ordered by the Federal Government with which the armed forces will launch a final onslaught against the Boko Haram terrorists would start arriving the country this week.

Security forces were also said to be set to launch a counter offensive against Boko Haram insurgents who have established a new camp at Gamboru-Ngala, a border community with Cameroon with a view to sending them back across the border where they were initially based.

It was gathered that the sect members fled to the Nigerian side of Gamboru-Ngala, a community that extends to Cameroon following the air bombardment of their camp by the Cameroonian air force.

On the fighter jets, military sources disclosed that the aircraft which are capable of carrying out night operations will enhance the operations of the soldiers after softening the ground by the bombers adding that they were purchased directly by the Nigerian Air force.

Another set of aircraft which are also fitted with modern equipment such as the Shilka guns for the army would also arrive very soon to fast-track the Boko Haram war.

Confirming that enemies within the security forces were helping the terrorists in the insurgency battle, the source said some disloyal troops pass on strategic information on operations to the insurgents.

For instance, It was learnt that when an operation for bombing is being prepared, some insiders pass on the information to the terrorist that their area will soon be bombed and that it will be safer for them to leave the area. That is why the bombing by the air force is not having much impact on them except on few occasions when the operation is planned secretly.

The source added that the analysis so far made on the weapons recovered from the insurgents does not show that they are superior to those of the armed forces as claimed.