Second Ghana Garden And Flower Fair: Ghanaians Encouraged To Invest In Horticulture

The Ambassador of Netherlands to Ghana, Mr. Hans Docter, has stated that Ghana can generate a lot of foreign exchange if much attention and investment is made into the horticulture industry.

According to him, it is unfortunate that Ghanaians do not know the benefits of investing in horticulture but rather invest huge in real estates.

“Ghanaians do not know the benefits in investing in horticulture. There are a lot that as a country you can benefit if you make time for horticulture. Corporate Ghana normally invests in real estates but I can tell you on authority that much more can be benefitted horticulture”.

Mr. Hans Docter made this known at the second annual Garden and Flower show which is currently underway in Accra at the Efua Sutherland Children Park.

Citing his country, Netherlands as a case study, the ambassador said after the United States, the Netherlands is the leading exporter of horticulture product in the world and is earning the country a lot of foreign exchange.

He appealed to corporate Ghana to start seeing the benefits and invest in horticulture.

The second garden and flower show is an 11- day event on the theme‘ Gardening for Value: Health, Beauty, Jobs and Income’. It will showcase the immense potential of Ghana’s horticulture and floriculture for job creation, income generation as well as aesthetic purposes.

The show which is organized by Stratcomm Africa is also to help create employment and income earning opportunities, as well as promote tourism, healthier and modern lifestyle, and also support Ghana’s growth and development.

Ms. Esther A. N Cobbah, Chief Executive, Stratcomm Africa said the success of the show last year exceeded their expectations considering the enthusiastic participation from both the general public and exhibitors.

She encouraged all Ghanaians to be part of the Ghana Garden and Flower movement since there are a lot of business opportunities that abound in garden and flowers.

Dolapo Ogundimu, Managing Director, Access Bank, lead sponsors of the show, said the garden and flower show will help beautify Ghana, enhance its green spaces and open the country up as a major tourist destination for people around the world.

He said the horticulture industry is worth billions of dollars and is convinced Ghana can position to reap the benefits in the non – traditional export hence the support from the bank.

Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Murtala Mohammed speaking at the show promises government support for the development of the horticulture industry for the development of the country.

At the opening of the show Ghana’s first horticulture and floriculture magazine, ‘Bloom’ was launched.

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