Single professionals pander to cholera pressure

The recent outbreak of cholera in Accra has made people generally cautious about what they eat and many young professionals are unwilling to take chances with their health.

Many are putting in place measures to avoid possible infection. But it does not come without cost.

For Joy Business’ Special Friday Feature, Chantelle Asante reports the outbreak is gravely affecting the budgets and productivity of different professionals.

“Better safe than sorry”, this appears to be the refrain amongst various single professionals in the city today following the outbreak of cholera, a potential killer.

Health officials link cholera to filth and human excreta which seem to have engulfed the city. And with many food vendors in the city failing to ensure clean surroundings, young professionals who hardly cook stand the risk of contracting cholera.

Buying food from just any source is a big risk, one which threatens their health and productivity.

“I used to buy food around. Now I’m scared so I have to wake up very early in the morning to cook before I get to work. I get to the office already tired,” Ann, a customer service executive with an Accra based financial institution said.

Clearly, health issues matter to many of these single professionals. Whilst some, like Ann, are using up more energy on cooking and therefore have to get to work exhausted, others are spending more on food.

Many are now buying food at more expensive restaurants to ensure they are safe with what they eat and so do not have to fall sick on the job.

“You have no choice. You have to switch to a neater place to eat. And that means spending more. It doesn’t make sense to spend about 15 cedis daily during lunch,” Esther, a business executive said.

“The sad thing is that my salary has not changed so if I have to spend so much on food, then it means I can’t even save. It’s that difficult now.”

A sound mind in a sound body. Many of these single professionals understand that their health is their wealth and they seem willing to have to go the extra mile to ensure sound health.

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