English teachers accuse its President of hiding behind Ebola scare to avoid accountability

Executives of the Ghana Association of Teachers of English(GATE) are accusing its President  James Adjei of hiding behind the Ebola scare to avoid accountability.

Vice -Secretary of GATE Isaiah Adzi-Godi claims that the calling off of the Association’s annual conference which was to be held in Ho, Volta Region, due to allegations of a possible Ebola outbreak was master-minded by Mr. Adjei.

Few weeks ago, Mr. James Adjei announced the calling off of the Association’s annual conference in  Ho due to fears the conference would become a breeding ground for the Ebola virus.

The meeting which was scheduled in September this year, would have brought together English tutors from across the country and around the tutors from other countries to discuss and find practical solutions to the falling standards of the English language in Ghana and Africa at large.

So far, 1,552 people in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria have died of the Ebola virus with over 3,000 cases recorded.

But the Association President, Mr. James Adjei still holds that the calling off of the conference was in the interest of saving their membership adding that some members within the country have expressed fear of contracting the virus from members outside the country during the conference.

“The fear is that we are bringing members from all over the country and sometimes members from other countries joining us and we don’t have machines to test whether anyone have the virus and so you never can tell who is coming from outside or within who is having the virus and so prevention is better than cure,” he maintained.

Vice -Secretary of GATE Isaiah Adzi-Godi ,claims that ever since Mr. Adjei’s assumption of office about four years ago, there has not been any occasion where he had rendered an account.

“We the national executive members anytime we ask him to render account at executive council or even at our delegates conference, he will give excuse and the conference will just end on an unpleasant note,” the Vice-Secretary noted.

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