Chinese teenager to undergo surgery on his extraordinary long neck

A 15-year-old boy is to undergo surgery on his exceptionally long neck, which causes him agonising pain.

Fu Wengui, who lives in Beijing, China, suffers from a number of conditions.

While the standard number of verbetrae in the neck is 7, Fu has 10, his father Fu Genyou claims.

These vertebrae press on the nerves in his neck and make it difficult for him to walk,’ said the 50-year-old.

‘He always causes a stir whenever he goes out.’
Aged six, Wengui was diagnosed with congenital scoliosis and abnormal chest frame.’

Wengui is now due to have surgery to try and reduce the size of his neck.

A Beijing-based charity has agreed to sponsor the procedure and doctors in Chaoyang Hospital are now making out a treatment plan.

Wengui said: ‘I just hope I can have a normal neck.’

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