“I Don’t Know The Amount Of Money I Took To Brazil”

Fred Darko, Project Coordinator for the Ghana Brasil 2014 World Cup, on Wednesday was tasked by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry investigating the participation of Ghana at the 2014 FIFA World Cup to provide the exact amount of physical cash he carried to Brasil.

This was after Darko, failed to provide the commission the exact amount he carried to Brasil when the Commission requested for the information.

When Darko was asked how much cash he carried to Brasil, he said “My lord I have no idea. It was over 100,000 dollars.

“I had an authority note form the Chief Director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the money was meant for the payment of some bills in Brasil, but I don’t know the exact amount I took to Brasil.

“The money was bought from the market, the forex bureaux and was given to me but I have no idea the exact amount”. He added.

His answer attracted the fury of the chairman of the Commission who wanted to know the exact amount and whether it was bought from the market.

But Darko, was adamant and changed his earlier position saying he had no idea of the source of the money but said it was arranged for him to be taken to Brasil for some payments.

After series of exchanges, counsel for Darko intervened and asked for adjournment of the sitting because he felt his client was exhausted after hours of grilling.

Justice Dzamefe agreed to the request but insisted Darko provides the commission with the exact amount and whether the money was bought from the market or not the next day.

The commission adjourned sitting to Thursday, August 28.