Disappoitment In Northern Sector Prominent Leaders

After sober reflection on the prospects of the Northern Sector, I Haruna Ayanore, am highly disappointed in our fathers and brothers from the Northern Sector who have been given the opportunity to exploit their potentials to uplift the name and image of the region.

The Northern sector encompasses of the Northern Region, Upper East ,Upper West and some part of the Brong Ahafo Region.

The Northern Sector is described as a pro poor sector having bad roads,poverty, poor educational and health system among others.This sector also has many economic prospects like attractive sites, nutritive plants and also a bank of Ghana’s foodstuffs sine this sector is predominantly a farming sector.

The Northern scetor has produced prominent people in Ghana’s history, not to mention few are Dr Hilla Liman, Alhaji Bawumia, Alhaji B.A Fusheini, George A. Belko, Alhaji Majeed Hussein, Alhaji Imoro Egala, John Bawa among others who have toiled hard in strength,truth, knowledge impartation,commitment among others to the develop this Northern sector.

It saddens my heart that after our forefathers had sacrificed their possible best to uplifting the name and image of this sector,our fathers and brothers who have taken the mantle are performing abysmally worst.

Amongst them is President John Dramani Mahama, the first gentleman of Ghana who hails from Damongo in the northern region. President Mahama is tagged as the worst performing president in Ghana’s history. His unprecedented achievements are a record of 5000 cases of cholera with 45 dead cases in the Greater Accra Region,massive fall of the cedi against the dollar, inflation on the fly,increased prices in goods and commodities.

NHIS, capitation and school feeding programme have also collapsed. Above all, corruption in SADA, GYEEDA, WOYOME SAGA,ASONGTABA among others cannot be mentioned without mentioning the president’s name.

Mr Paul Afoko, the chairman of NPP who is an indegene of Builsa North in the Upper East Region is another prominent Northner who has also disappointed the Northern sector. Mr Afoko, just after five months in assuming office has been in the public domain for disorganizing NPP’s unity.

An achievement of Mr Afoko is ensuring a fierceful clash with machetes among NPP members at the party headquarters. He has been arrogant after assuming the chairmanship office of NPP. He promised NPP that he was not going to support any person contesting for NPP flagbearer race but here he finds himself and his General Secretary fighting for one flagbearer’s agenda.

He again promised to provide means of transport to every constituency office by the end of August 2014 but here we are in September 2016
We in the Northern Sector should not sit down unconcerned and watch our our fathers and brothers who have had opportunities to uplift the image of the Northern Sector mismanage these opportunities.

I am appealing to the chiefs and opinion leaders of the Northern sector to intervene and advise these leaders before we lose the little name and dignity we have achieved.

Long Live Northern sector! Long Live Ghana!!