Ghana Will Develop Through Industrialisation And Diversification – Alan K

In these times when our dear country struggles to escape its economic crises which have resulted in the rising cost of living for the good people of Ghana, Mr Alan John Kyerematen, continues to proffer ways towards solutions in a practical time frame and a means to avoid a repeat of these problems.

He had earlier advice the government on the formation of a bi-partisan team of experts and advisers for the formation of an economic reconstruction programme made especially for us, while we interrogate matters of achieving a lower inflation, reducing government borrowing and interest rates as well as address the fall in value of our cedi.

Mr Kyerematen, who is in the race to become the presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), told a gathering of party faithful that it is long overdue that our country moves away from always importing commodities and revisit the industrial based programme initiated by former President John Kufuor.

“Ghana cannot have it any other way but develop,” he said with conviction, “and to do so through industrialisation and diversification of other sectors of productivity. This drive must begin from those with who we have entrusted our collective political will. We cannot go on thinking like borrowers.”

“Like I have mentioned before we have a country which indulges in too much talk but our propensity for NATO – no action, talk only – must taper off and give way to a spirited effort at all levels in the government and the private sector for more action towards national growth and prosperity.”

In the name of such industrialisation efforts the Presidential Special Initiatives, which represents the biggest drive yet, in Ghana’s recent history, led by any government, was to vary Ghana’s exports and expand its foreign exchange earners. These projects were in the long term supposed to ease the country’s over-dependence on cocoa and vastly improve foreign inflows to guard against certain economic difficulties; the like of which we find ourselves in today.

He added that, this is only the harbinger of the capabilities of our country and the potential of its most valuable assets, the Ghanaian people. With the right leadership, here on forward couldn’t be brighter.

Mr Alan John Kyerematen made an appeal to the party delegate and Ghanaian voters to look at his personal and professional qualities; to be informed by his demonstrated organisational and leadership qualities, and choose him. First to lead the NPP to win in 2016 and then to lead the country into greater heights of growth and development.

“The New Patriotic Party (NPP) seeks in two years to lead the country into that bright future we all desire. I am as of now seeking the delegates mandate to choose me to lead in the campaign to ask the good people of Ghana to bring the NPP into power once more. Because our party is all about bringing solutions to our economic crises; creating jobs, improving our education, health, energy supply and creating the basic comforts that Ghanaian’s, like all others around the world, are entitled to and must be provided for by their elected government.”

Chief Mohammed Obosu
Press Aide to Alan Kyerematen
Office of Alan John Kyerematen
Number 57, Airport Residential Area
Accra- Ghana

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