UTAG heads to court to force payment of research allowance

University teachers will be seeking to get government to cough up their research and book allowance using the courts after arbitration failed.

The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) begun a nationwide strike in July after negotiations with government fell on the rocks. They join Polytechnic teachers on the same issue.

UTAG is demanding the payment of book and research allowances which have been in arrears for several months.

Government has insisted it does not owe UTAG and is also converting the allowance into a research fund which will be accessible to all lecturers.

UTAG is seeking the court to prove that government cannot unilaterally vary the condition of service of UTAG by scrapping the Book and Research Allowances since they were negotiated for between both parties.

Lastly, they are seeking a perpetual injunction on government to put a stay on our variation of condition of service with respect to the Book and Research Allowances until a new condition of service is negotiated for.

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