Has Peace Become Elusive To The World?

All over the world peace is something, which is cherished by individuals and countries because it is through its maintenance that nations thrive.

For this reason when something is done to hijack the existence of peace, chaos sets in, prosperity becomes stagnant, people are displaced and sadly, lives are lost.

Because man has come to cherish the importance of peace organisations are set up with the main aim of helping to ensure its existence. Some of these are the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), African Union (AU) the Arab League, European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

Regardless of the fact that all these organisations are there for the maintenance of peace, many parts of the world are still in turmoil. These have come about due to the marginalisation of some ethnic groups and races and the selfish desires of some people who have found themselves at the helm of affairs.

When Iran decided some years back to become a nuclear power, the world especially the western world vehemently disagreed as they felt a nation like Iran with nuclear power would pose threat to them and Israel their ‘baby’.

Although the country stated on several occasions that its desire to enrich uranium was for peaceful purposes such as the production of electricity, it did not go down well with the Western countries and Israel, which felt its security is threatened.

Sanctions were imposed on Tehran by the Security Council for its refusal to freeze its nuclear enrichment programme.

This led the Security Council to order all countries to stop supplying the country with materials and technology that could contribute to its nuclear programme.

After the vote, Iran dismissed the resolution as “unnecessary and unjustified.”

The Security Council, especially the US, was afraid of Iran becoming a nuclear-armed state because it feared Israel; its “baby” could be easily attacked when the need arose.

The question that needed to be answered was why couldn’t Iran become a nuclear power nation when both the US and Israel have such weapons in their arsenals.

About two months ago Israel launched its latest fierce attack on Palestine after some Palestinians abducted and killed some Israeli teenagers.

These tacks had led to the loss of lives and properties on both sides with the Palestinians having the greatest share.

What is going on between the Israelis and the Palestinians is deplorable and must be condemned by all well meaning people.

Both Israel and Palestine should understand that violence cannot and will never become the panacea for bringing about peace.

Israel armed with sophisticated weapons and backed by their “Big Brother” the US, has continuously launched attacks on Palestine destroying infrastructure and killing innocent people.

The administration in Palestine, which has decided not to recognise the existence of Israel and has refused to renounce violence has also compounded the problems of the Palestinian people since this caused the Western countries to freeze all the aid and assistance that it use to give to the Palestine government.

This sometimes cause civil servants in Palestine go without pay for long periods.

Since the ousting and the execution of Saddam Hussein by the then Bush Administration, Iraq has known no peace. The country has been taken over by militants who have embarked on destruction and killing spree.

Now the brutal terrorist group known as The Islamic State (ISIS) has taken over the country and had embarked on a brutal murder of the minority Christians and the Yidizis, causing them to flee Iraq and Syria where they operate.

In our beloved Africa, the little said about it the better, as the activities of Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al Shaba in Somalia and the Seleka Rebels in Central Africa Republic have also contributed their quota in deepening the crisis of the continent.

The world has not known peace due to injustices and marginalisation and until all these are rooted out the aggrieved will continue to fight for their rights.