Ghana Rugby Players Association To Address Stakeholder Forum

The Ghana Rugby Players Association (GRUPA) will address the Ghana Rugby Stakeholder Forum on how they see the requirements to move Ghana Rugby forward in a dynamic way.

Mr. Herbert Mensah, President of the Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) invited members of GRUPA to discuss Rugby issues as part of the ongoing outreach programme to Rugby stakeholders in preparation for the Rugby Forum.

Various issues of importance was discussed at the meeting held in Osu, Accra.

Herbert Mensah stressed the importance of both mental and physical preparation by all players at all levels of the Game.

“Rugby is a contact sport and with that there will always be risks of injury. The sad fact is that globally there are more football (soccer) injuries than Rugby injuries, but because of the physical contact nature of Rugby critics are prone to make a mountain out of a mole heap when an injury occurs in Rugby,” Mr. Mensah said.

He continued to assure the Rugby players that the new Board on his watch is not confused about what Rugby is all about, and said, “Without you guys who play on the field there will be no Rugby. We salute you.”

The President also gave the players a brief outline of the process since the new Board took office on 5 June 2014 and said, “Ghana Rugby has entered its eleventh year of incorporation since 2003. When I visited the IRB (International Rugby Board) in Dublin to introduce the new executive I was told in no uncertain terms that Ghana Rugby after eleven years fall short in a long way from becoming a full member of the IRB.”

Herbert also emphasised that the Rugby Family in Ghana is a family driven by their love and passion for the Game, and that the Family have many dreams and visions for a better futre.

He continued to say, “We can dream all day long but without money and funding for the development of Rugby in Ghana we will all be stuck right there – in a dream world. We have to show to the corporate world that we are professional and that their association with Ghana Rugby will produce dividends on their investment in the Game.”

Michael Ako Wilson, the President of GRUPA, presented Herbert with a letter on behalf of GRUPA congratulating him with his appointment and assuring him of the commitment of GRUPA to work with him and his Board.

Michael Ako Wilson was asked to prepare an address on behalf of Rugby players in Ghana to be delivered at the upcoming Ghana Rugby Stakeholder Forum.