Discouragement Gives You Platform To Rejuvenate—IT Expert

Eric Osiakwan, a Technology Entrepreneur and an investor, has said getting discouraged over an idea could mean that there is no competition on the idea. According to him, an idea comes out best if discouragers punch holes in it and find the loose ends.

The man who doubles as an Information Technology Consultant, noted that no matter how

powerful an idea could be, the most important step of it is to be executed hence the need to search for a co-founder and an investor to fill in the weaknesses the original owner may have.

Speaking at the 8th edition of a breakfast gathering known as Breakfast with Papa (BWP) last Saturday in Accra on the theme; Selling An Idea, Eric Osiakwan pointed it out that even before a team is searched and added for execution, the best way would be finding out whether the idea is viable on the market

Counseling start ups to be consistent in their dealings, Mr. Osiakwan said “there is a point in one’s life that a person may be seen to be striving with his or her idea to a successful end, and it is normal. Everyone goes through that, it does not mean should give up. It is a test you would have to overcome in order to get the person to the top”.

Thrilled about the innovation space Ghana had created, he declared that the country was on its way to becoming the hub of technology in Africa.

“It is interesting to know that even those without a strong educational background are making great innovations in technology” he added.

Mr. Osiakwan believes an encouragement in its largest form from resourceful people in Ghana would push start ups in the country to realise their dreams for onward transformation of the economy.

He however pleaded with the government to give tax reliefs to start ups until they grow in return for a community service or something which would be beneficial to the country.

He commended the organisers of the event for initiating a platform he referred to as a unique platform for sharing innovative ideas which would go a long way in impacting positively on the people.

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