Persistent open defecation at beaches ; threat to cholera prevention

Despite cholera claiming the lives of over 47 people and affecting over 4,000 people in the Greater Accra Region, persistent open defecation at beaches still poses enormous challenge towards curbing the epidemic.

Joy News’ Erastus Donkor reports that the James Town beach-a suburb of Accra, is sprawled with solid waste made up of fecal matter, plastic waste and refuse.

He maintained that some reasons people gave for the open defecation included high fares charged at public toilets and insanitary standards at public places of convenience.

But Public Relations Officer of Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) Nuumo Blaafo, has refuted the reasons saying they have set up a committee to educate people and prosecute offenders.

“We have to work on their attitudes and change it but if persuasion fails then force will be applied,” he declared.

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