About two weeks ago, I decided to finally speak out and critically dissect and state my unflinching stand on THE MISS GHANA SAGA, the first piece went quite well and days after my email blew up with email asking for the concluding or the Part 2 and what this “ABUAJA TRIP” was about and how it plays into this unfolding saga. So here we go, I hope you read this objectively and draw your own conclusions. At the end of the day one thing and one thing only I seek to achieve that what is due Ceaser will be given Ceaser.

In an email dated October 21st 2013, Subject “ABUJA TRIP”, Miss Pina is asked to send an official email to clarify a few details concerning a trip she intended to make to Abuja to meet with “Dangonte: The Billionaire”. It was clearly stated in the email sent to Pina that as Miss Ghana she could not make any trips without official escort by her chaperone and after due processes has been conducted and management deemed it very fit for her to make that appearance. I quote from the email sent from Inna Patty to Miss Baafi

“You must remember that the Miss Ghana brand is one that we are working hard to reposition to a strong and highly respected one. This new dawn started in 2011. As such we do not expect our queen (brand ambassador) to just hop on wagons or tag alongs. If this is a formal event, then we expect the right thing to be done and in a professional manner. If it isn’t then Im afraid, you will not be able to attend.”

This email right here is what seemed to have broken the camel’s back and started what seem to be an endless display of behavior contrary to everything a beauty queen stands for and mostly to get back at the organizers of the event or frustrate them as pay back for being denied permission to travel alone to meet with “DANGOTE”.

I have consequently found very damaging images of our beauty queen in very obscure and compromising situations which as a writer I would not love to release as it is not my aim here to tarnish anybody’s image. A very unprofessional one however was when I chanced upon a picture of a white man wearing the Miss Ghana 2013 Sash at a private wedding ceremony; that for me was below the belt and totally out of line.

Images of the beauty queen hosting male visitors in the official Miss Ghana residence which is clearly not allowed to the extent of some even spending the night also exist. Very damaging images of the beauty queen in drinking spots of rather low caliber not fit for her crown, incidences of her being overly intoxicated and misbehaving also do exist.

From all indications after October 21st 2013 and the whole Abuja Trip Saga the relationship between Miss Baafi and Exclusive Events went sour and as it seems was not redeemable till date. So yes Exclusive events might have gone wrong technically in a few places and obviously have done very poor PR but when I came into contact with these facts, I just had to push it and let there be a fair swindle of judgement in the case of this Miss Ghana Saga.

I have attached the audio of the verbal assault of Miss Baafi on the Exclusive Evens team in their office, a video of a similar verbal assault on Inna Patty and any other related document to prove the facts. The rest is for the discerning Ghanaian to rightly judge for him/herself. As an industry this is not too helpful for our growth and stability. I hope in the future Exclusive events will do their homework and the next beauty queen will also to her best. Long Live This Industry of Ours and Long Live Ghana.



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