Strange Deer Appears At Football Field

Superstition was at its peak when a deer appeared at the Essam-Debiso town park in the Bia West District of the Western Region on August 21 when some boys were playing football.

Kobina Menu, an eyewitness, told the GNA on Friday that the boys gave it a hot chase and the deer dashed to the premises of Bia West District Assembly where it was caught and was sent to the house of the Chief Imam.

Following advice by some elders of the town, the ear and the tail of the animal were cut so that in case it was a god or spirit, it would not have any negative implication on those who caught it.

After that ritual was performed, the boys slaughtered the animal, prepared a light soup with the carcass and shared among themselves.

Manu said some parents of the boys feared something strange might happen to their children and others believed that the deer was running away after being chased by a hunter’s dog since the town is surrounded by a thick rain forest.