David Oscar Snubbed Charter House

The inclusion of Ghana’s comedy act DKB in the lineup of comedians for the Night of 1018 Laughs and Music was a good news for the entertainment industry as Nigerian comedians had dominated the event over the years.

Even before the inclusion of DKB, many entertainment platforms had been wondering if comedians such as DKB, David Oscar, Khemical, Foster and others were not good enough to be part of Charterhouse’s Night of 1000 Laughs and Music Series or they just may have been neglected by Charterhouse.

Considering the inclusion and performance of DKB at the Night of 1018 Laughs and Music, it’s very certain that Charterhouse may not have any other option than to ensure that DKB or any other Ghanaian comedian is given the chance to perform in the next edition of the event.

However, the possibility of having David Oscar on the Night of 1000 Laughs and Music Series is in doubt, and this may be due to some obvious reasons.

It’s been alleged that there is a bad blood between David Oscar and George Quaye, P.R.O of Charterhouse, who also doubles as the Producer of the Night of 1000 Laughs and Music Series.

Based on this, it’s believed that David Oscar may never be invited to be part of the series. However, to make matters worse, David Oscar has made it categorically clear that he does not need Charterhouse’s platform to exhibit his comedy talent as he would want to concentrate on the Corporate Comedy Series.

He made this known in an interview he granted Mamavi on Rhythms A-Zon Joy FM over the weekend.

In an exclusive interview with Flex Newspaper, David Oscar confirmed that indeed he does not need Charterhouse’s platform. Reacting to the assertion that there is bad blood between George Quaye and himself, David Oscar noted that he doesn’t think there is anything of that sort.

The P.R.O of Charterhouse, George Quaye in response to the question of whether there is bad blood between himself and David Oscar and the possibility of having David invited to be part of the Night of 1000 Laughs and Music Series, this is what George had to say;

“There’s no bad blood between David and I. There’s never been and there can never be. David is my kid brother. He just hates criticism. He says I called them (comedians) “whack” on Joy FM in February.

So in return he calls me a twerp, a fool, a worm and all sorts. But I can’t fight him. I wasn’t brought up like that. I won’t insult him back, and I still respect him. It’s all good,” he concluded.

“I will continue to observe his works as a comedian. If the time is right to take the 1000 Laughs stage, I’ll gladly put him on. But then again, I doubt he’ll want to be on because he’s already said and always maintained that he doesn’t need that platform.

I guess he’s bigger and better than all the other comedians who have been there… DKB’s performance was great, and we are happy for him. We pray he continues to get better and take his act to other countries. We wish him well.”