VIDEO: Ama K. Abebrese Embarrasses Herself With The ‘Ice Bucket’ Challenge

You know how the story goes, Ghanaian celebrities and their blind copying of anything ‘Western’. Well it is not exclusive to our celebrities, most Ghanaians blindly copy anything they see in the West.

Have you heard of some schools hosting prom events in Ghana, or the halloween party by Juliet Ibrahim? Not to mention when Sarkodie grants interview in the USA, he suddenly has an American accent.

When he goes to the UK he has a British accent. And oh, our ears constantly bleeding from all the LAFA (locally acquired foreign accents) on our radios and in our movies.

You’ve seen all the Ice Bucket Challenge videos by now. Everyone from the A-list celebs in the USA has posted videos of them being doused by a giant bucket of ice water or by just a water bottle, if they are a huge, huge wimp.

What’s the point of all this? It’s a fundraising campaign for ALS research (also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease), and basically once you get “challenged,” you either have to donate to the ALS Association within 24 hours or get ice water thrown on you. And then you have to challenge other people (usually three) to do the same, and so on and so forth.

So OMGGhana asks, ‘they’ have found a way to raise awareness for something that is affecting ‘them’, and with Cholera, malaria, guinea worm etc. killing us and ebola threatening our existence, wouldn’t it be worth our ‘celebrities’ while to campaign against those that affect them than rather blindly doing copy copy of anything the Westerners do? Just look at Ama K. Abebrese with her attempt at the ALS ice bucket challenge and see how dumb she really looks!

She ignorantly said “I accepted the ALS ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. I will be donating to charity as part of my participation in the challenge.
Woo hoooooo”.

Charity begins at home, lets solve our own wahala first before we give visibility to something we have no business doing! In the words of Fela’s “follow follow, make you open eye, open ear…..”.

Watch Ama K. Abebrese below: