The Reason I Went Solo on Gospel Songs………Lara George

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Former group member of the defunct gospel group, KUSH, Lara George, has explained why she decided to go solo as a gospel artiste.

Lara, disclosed that during the time the group were together, music was a bit difficult and also very expensive and as such, there was no finance to sustain the group.

According to the singer, “I was a bit upset about the KUSH break-up. I felt like I had put my whole life on hold just to accommodate KUSH but it ended that way, this made me decided never to do music again. (smiles) Of course, as you know, that decision did not exactly last long”

“Music at the time when KUSH started was a very difficult thing to do particularly for three young professionals with so many career options. It was tough keeping things together at that time because the pressure the financial uncertainty brought took its toll on us as a group and everyone started to drift apart until we were no longer able to keep things going” she said

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