Some people in the NPP feel the party belongs to them- Phillip Longdon

Special advisor to NPP flagbearer hopeful Alan kyeremanteng, says people in the NPP who feel the party belongs to them want interpretations of the party’s regulations to be to their benefit.

Philip Longdon stated, “it is unfortunately true that some people have begun to feel that the party belongs to them and they are above that law they want to give interpretations to our regulations to suit them”

Mr Longdon said this to Roland Walker on the AM Talk, on MultiTV where he revealed that a few days to the controversial press conference which went violent on Tuesday 19th August, 2014, there were indicatons that some people had been bent on disrupting the event.

The NPP member also touched on factionalism in the party. He said factionism is natural and people who choose other sides are not enemies.

“If as a leader you are not able to accomodate or tolerate people somebody supporting your opponent then you are not a democrat and are only pretending to be a democrat;  and that action I condemn it. you must respect the opposing view no matter how difficult or painful the truth of that view is.” he included

Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry and Member of Parliament for Nantong, Mutarla Mohamed, who joined the discussion on phone, said in the interest of democracy he was hoping the country’s biggest opposition party is able to deal with the issue. He said the NDC is not happy and would like to see a united and vibrant opposition.

He said; “for a party whose members tout themselves as pacesetters and guardians of democracy, what is happening  is unfortunate”. .

He admonished the NPP take disciplinary measures and deal with the spurts of indiscipline occuring in the party and gives examples of how the NDC tackled such issues when they happened.

He said, “When Kofi Adams purpotedly made a statement about the NDC and the national executives he was banished and in fact investigations went into it.”

The Deputy minister said these issues were bound to happen because finally the birds have come home to roost. He advised the NPP to allow democracy to prevail

Alan Kyeremanteng’s advisor was however hopeful that the party will be able to overcome these challenges because the youth who caused the fracas were just a handful of people who came from a single source within the party.


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