Odartey Lamptey’s New ‘Baby Mama’ Revealed

Ghanaian football legend, Nii Odartey Lamptey made the headlines for the wrong reasons last year, when he revealed to the media about the shocking truth of his children not being his biological offspring after he conducted a DNA test to confirm or deny his suspicions.

The matter degenerated into a divorce, which is still in court, where Odartey Lamptey also disclosed that, his wife accused him of being infertile, which became a subject for discussion in the public domain. In June 2014, he was proud to disclose to the media again that, he is the proud biological father of a new baby with his fiancée.

‘Razz’ Newspaper investigations confirmed from a close source that the mother of the new baby for Odartey Lamptey is, actress and former contestant of 2008 TV3’s ‘Ghana’s Most Beautiful’ pageant, Ruweida Yakubu.

The reliable source also claimed that, the now coach/football pundit is putting things together to marry Ruweida after the court case.

‘Razz’ newspaper reached out to the actress on the subject but was evasive and hesitant in her response. “I would not like to comment on my relationship status and also give details of my baby to the public. It’s my private issue,” she responded.

In a chat with Nii Odartey Lamptey, he said that; since he has a very dicey issue in court, he will prefer not to speak on anything about his present relationship until the court proceedings are over. “It’s something that is still in court, and I can’t comment on it. You know when an issue is in court, it’s not right to be jumping to the media to speak about it,” he said.

When asked to confirm or deny if Ms. Ruweida Yakubu is his fiancée and the mother of his new baby, he remained silent and promised to get back to the paper when he’s free.

Responding to the marriage preparations, he said as soon as the court proceedings are over, he will put his plans out.

Ruweida Yakubu is best known for starring in a number of movies including ‘Last Virgin; ‘Sexy Angel’ and ‘Girls Girls Reloaded; ‘Kiss Me If you Can’ and others. She was also the leading character in the TV series, ‘Abiba’.