My Naked Picture Will Not Stop Me

Some celebrities never crack under the pressure of public criticism. Some even prove a harder nut to crack; they don’t give a hoot when lies, downright negative lies, are spun around them. They take everything in their stride and go about their normal business. One such person is TV presenter, Afia Schwarzenegger.

For several weeks now, Afia has been at the receiving end of various undesirable stories that could otherwise ruin her career. First, it was rumoured that she was HIV positive and then later, she was said to be pregnant with a man who was not her husband.

The latest scandal has been the appearance of her supposed nude picture which has been circulating in social media circles.

“It is about time people got to know that I am not moved by negative stories. Afia Schwarzenegger is bigger than such silly stuff. Anyone who seeks my downfall will never succeed because God is with me all the time” she told Showbiz on Monday.

Afia said whoever was trying to destroy her was rather making her popular. “I am rather becoming popular because of the negative stories. I may be crazy but I have my limits. I have never been pregnant with any man who is not my husband. I am not HIV positive and the said nude picture is not me”.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, if the negative stories were even true, they would not stop her from doing what she does.

“If even I was HIV positive and pregnant, I would still have carried on with my duties. My naked picture will not stop me from doing my job. Yes, I am the crazy Afia Schwarzenegger and I am not moved by silly pranks.”

Asked why anyone would want to bring her down, Afia Schwarzenegger said: “I’m aware of the people who want to bring me down because some of them have walked up to me and told me they would do whatever it takes to bring me down.

I have been attacked spiritually in the past and when it failed, they now want to attack me physically. I am growing stronger every day because I serve a living God.

“I would encourage my enemies to stop wasting their time on me and rather build their careers because I am making big time money with the kind of stories they put out there,” she said.

Afia revealed that she is the type who spends more time with her family and has few friends due to the way she was brought up.

“Only few people know my true person because I am noted to be the crazy Afia Schwarzenegger. On my other side, I am a very responsible person. The sky is my limit and I encourage my fans to support me and not to be discouraged by the stories they read or hear about me,” she said.