Jeta Amata Receives Best Encomium from Actor, Fred Amata

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The Nollywood industry has grown to become a household name that everyone wants to associate with.

Since becoming very popular in the late 80s and early 90s, Nollywood has made lots of stars and is widely regarded as one of the largest employer of labour in Nigeria with its vast development.

Though many people have made the industry popular, but the industry will not be complete without the Amata’s dynasty which comprises the likes of Fred, Zack and Jeta Amata.

Recently, Nollywood actor, Fred Amata, took to his social media page to pour encomium on his nephew, Jeta Amata, who has done so well for the best rated make-believe industry in Africa, as he turned a year older.

Here is his goodwill message to Jeta Amata;

“If ever there was a single true exponent of Nollywood and the promise of its potential to dominate the world… It must be Jeta Amata. His first movie shot when he was barely 20 was a revolutionary radical attempt at sci-fi… Before Nollywood rechristened the word Epic’ Jeta had shot No more Food for the God’s. A movie that exhibited what would become one of Nollywood’s most exploited approaches to holding audiences spellbound. And while the industry yet grappled with elevating standards to film on cinema… Jeta ingeniously against daunting odds delivered The Amazing Grace… Nollywood’s first ever Completed movie on Celluloid. And while practioners boasted of Hollywood Standards and dreamt of International Co-Productions, Jeta Stormed Beverly Hills and Hollywood drawing Oscar nominees and A List Hollywood in his yet to be released Block Burster. Black November that even CNN got fascinated by it. Jeta is a scion of The Amata Dynasty… turning 40 today… Now here is a Nephew to be Proud of…. Happy Birthday.”

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