I Look Like Jesus Christ -Chase Forever

Popular Ghanaian musician, Chase Forever, has said his new looks in photos he posted on social media on Tuesday resemble that of Jesus Christ of Nazareth as painted by Michael Angelo.

This is happening long after some persons had told Chase in his school days that he resembled Christ. There are controversies surrounding what exactly Jesus looked like. Some persons believe He was black skinned while others opine He was white.

The Ghanaian musician who launched his Unappreciated debut album less than a month ago, took to social network yesterday to speak about his Jesus looks and got many people to wonder about what exact Jesus looks, he was referring to.

“…way back in school @yvonnelsongh my best friend told me i look like Jesus, I thought it was funny back then but this picture kinda confirms it for me now,” he said on instagram yesterday when he posted the photo of himself at the gym.

It is either Chase was referring to one of the different characters in the numerous Jesus films over the years or the Michael Angelo Painter’s artistic expression of the identity of Jesus Christ.