Ghanaian Musician Deeba Who Allegedly Defiled His Step Daughter is Under House Arrest In The UK

Ghanaian musician-Akyampong Deeba who shot to fame during the early days of hiplife with his popular tune – ‘Deeba’ was arrested by Interpol after a long search last year, for allegedly defiling his 8 year old step daughter of his fiancée in the United Kingdom, between 2006 and 2008.

Ghanaian newspaper ‘New Crusading Guide’ which broke the story last year reported that (unedited):


“Popular Hiplife musician, Akyeampong Deeba is in the grips of INTERPOL Ghana Office of Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) for defilement.

His arrest however did not come without drama, not because he was arrested by Police but because of the involvement of ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Arabian friend, Sheikh Ibn Abu Talib.

Deeba is alleged to have repeatedly defiled his eight year old step daughter of his fiancée in the United Kingdom, between 2006 and 2008.

After years of investigations and with a fat dossier on his actions, UK INTERPOL requested their counterparts in Ghana to help arrest him. That was when our reporter was contacted to help arrest the suspect who was in the country.

According to a legal document titled ‘Summary of Evidence’ a copy of which is in the possession of the Crusading Guide newspaper, Deeba returned to Ghana from United Kingdom after living in the UK with his fiancée, with whom he has two biological kids.

His sexual exploits though were on the elder step daughter of his fiancée from an earlier relationship. The document states in parts that: “in September 2008, Akyeampong left the United Kingdom and returned to Ghana.

Two weeks after his departure, the girl (name withheld – who was now eight years old) told her mother (name withheld) that Akyeampong had been “sleeping with” her, and that he had been using his “thing.” (The mother) understood this to mean that Akyeampong had been having sex with her.”

Deeba’s actions were occasioned by the fact that he was alone with the children at their home (place withheld) because their mother worked on night shift, the reason why he moved in later to stay with the family.

Portions of the girl’s testimony to UK investigators related how he (Deeba) forced the girl to watch pornographic material before having sex with her. According to the ‘Summary of Evidence:’ “she (the young girl) stated that she had seen “white stuff” come out of his penis several occasions. She also disclosed that Akyampong had put his penis in her bottom a couple of times and that it had hurt.”

A medical examination by a forensic physician revealed later in 2009 that extensive damage had been done to the hymen of the young girl and that “there was full thickness hymenal laceration at the 5 o’clock position extending from the hymenal opening to the vaginal wall. This injury was consistent with the girl’s report of vaginal penetration, it concluded.”


In a latest interview on Channel R, an accra-based radio station, the manager of Deeba, Pastor Elvis disclosed that currently, Deeba is under house arrest in UK. Because of that, Deeba can’t travel out of UK to any other country – not even his home country Ghana.

Deeba can only travel out of UK only after verdict is passed on the case by the court in UK – that is, if he is acquitted and discharged. “But we know he is innocent and so he will be found not guilty. He is mostly at home but doing well” Deeba’s manager said.

GhanaCelebrities.Com is still following up on this story for any update. Keep reading on this developing story of our dear brother. Until then…MOTWUM!!