Citi Business Olympics 2014 Slated For Saturday September 20

Athleticism meets wits, team work, strategy and determination at this year’s edition of the Citi FM Business Olympics on Saturday 20th September 2014. The Citi Business Olympics, the biggest gathering of businesses and professionals, brings together thousands of people yearly to compete in various sporting disciplines and network as well.

Companies would compete for trophies and the ultimate bragging rights at the plush Burma Camp Leisure Center from 8am to 4pm on Saturday September 20.

The defending champions are keen on keeping their trophies and bragging rights while the other companies are mapping out strategies to cause upsets by beating previous winners in the various disciplines.

The competitive games for this year’s event include 7-a-side soccer, 50 metre dash, lawn tennis, table tennis, arm wrestling, scrabble, volley, swimming, tug of war, badminton, basketball and the lime and spoon race.

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Participants would also enjoy the non-competitive games including cards, draughts, oware, ludo and counters ball.

Companies can register by calling 0302226013. For further information, visit for details.

The Business Olympics is powered by 97.3 Citi FM and it’s aimed at bridging the gap in our corporate world with sports.

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