That I Am Not Married Does Not Make Me A Single Mum – Grace Amah

Multi talented Nollywood actress and  mother of one,  Grace Amah, has made it known that the fact that she is not married to the father of her baby does not mean she is a single mother.


The actress who gave birth to her son three years ago has never revealed the paternity of the child, an action which has made many to say she had the baby for a married man.

However in an interview with Yes! magazine,  she made it known that the father of her baby takes good care of their son which rules out her being called a ”single mum”. From an excerpt from the interview,  in her words, she said:

“I hate when people refer to me as a single parent. That I am not married does not make me a single parent. The father of my son and myself are taking very good care of my son. So does that make me a single parent? No it doesn’t;  “I’m not married yet. When I get married, obviously, its going to be the father of my son”.